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Zusatzstudium International Legal Studies (ILS)

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Module Area A: Language

Module Area A: Language

(Responsible for the Module Area: Sprachenzentrum)

Learning Objectives

Objective of this module area is the mediation of subject specific language skills. In the increasingly internationalized sciences, the acquaintance with technical terminology is a prerequisite. In the courses of this module area, the students will learn a repertoire of essential legal terminology that will ensure subject specific conversation and working opportunities outside of Germany and in the international arena.

Learning Content

All courses mediate subject specific English skills applied on legal issues.

Type of Knowledge Transfer

The module area may be completed throughout the entire course of the additional study program

Participation Requirements

Successful completion of:

  • English for Lawyers 1
  • English for Lawyers 2

Performance Report

Students must complete an examination according to the nature of the respective course. Usually this is in the shape of a written exam, the lecturer may determine the type of examination.

If a student fails to successfully complete the examination the repeat examination must be completed within the course of the additional study program. Examinations will be generated according § 8 of the examination and study regulations (PSO).

Calculation of Student Workload

The students have to complete 4 SWS and should calculate more work hours for exam preparation and written assignments.


The students have to complete 4-ECTS in the Module Area A: Language.

Frequency of Occurence

The courses will be offered in every semester.

Linkage to other Module Areas

The Module Area A: Language must be successfully completed in combination with Module Area B/C/D.



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