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Debate Series on Intractable Problems of Human Rights in Africa: Everyone's Human Rights - 3 ECTS for ILS Students


News for students of the Zusatzstudium ILS crediting 3 ECTS:

The Chair of African Legal Studies in cooperation with the University of Bayreuth and the Rhodes University would like to invite you to our Debate Series on intractable problems of human rights in Africa: Everyone's Human Rights "When the law is not enough: Tackling intractable problems of human rights - prospects for integrated approaches" Focus on Child Labour, Human Trafficking and LGBTIQ+ Rights in Africa. The Debate Series is financed by the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence.

The event series will take place over six sessionis from 26 October to 30 November 2022. For more detailed information about the individual sessions and our esteemed speakers, please see below.

3 ECTS for ILS students can be obtained for a submission of a written scientific report with bibliographical references on the contents, opinions, problem definition and problem treatment (10 pages plus footnotes, 12pt Times New Roman, 1/3 proofreading margin). An active participation in at least four of six debates in digital form is also required. The written paper must be submitted six weeks after the last debate (submission on 11 January 2023, 6:00 pm via E-mail to internationallegalstudies@uni-bayreuth.de. Please click here fo the CM Life module.

For convenient Zoom access to all of our sessions, please click here.

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